BSA Scopes

BSA Optics offers an extensive collection of rifle scopes engineered for various configurations. As one of the key players in the industry, the company is incontestably an expert in giving hunters the highest levels of optical performance, durability and reliability that they always need.

Currently the company offers more than 20 series of rifle and tactical scopes. Each of these optics is benefited by BSA Scopes’ limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that hunters’ financial investment is protected.

For one, there’s the much praised Black Powder scopes, shotgun staples that are designed to withstand the heaviest recoils and survive in all types of extreme weather conditions. Black Powder scopes are given long and comfortable eye relief, and sharp and clear views. There’s also the Deer Hunter series which consist of 9 selections varying in size, target resolution, and tube design but are all committed to satisfy hardworking hunters.

BSA Scopes has 7 trademark series targeted to different types of hunters. There’s the Boss scopes series which boasts of modern range finding reticles for accurate target alignment. The Catseye series on the other hand is marketed as having significantly larger diameter than most rifle scopes, giving hunters bigger and therefore more comfortable and eye-friendly sighting experience. The series too boasts of a lens multi-coating technology that gives the brightest view sans the glare and the reflections.

Third in the line of trademark series is the BSA Optics Contender scopes collection. One of the company’s best sellers, the series combines an array of promising features that makes it versatile in all types of shooting activity—bench rest, small-caliber, target, daytime, etc. Clean in design and loaded with numerous manufacture innovations, the Contender series is made resistant to water, fog, and shock and includes a well-crafted sunshade to help enhance range estimation and target identification.

Dubbed as the pinnacle of BSA Scopes, the Gold Star series is one of the most-coveted scopes collections of seasoned hunters. The series offers various selections equipped with a 6x zoom system, the awarding winning EZ Hunter reticles, fully multi-coated lenses, fast focus eyepieces and robust durability. Not to be overlooked is another prime line called the Majestic series, which boasts of the company’s standard picture triangle reticle. This technology gives hunters greater ability to shoot more accurately at long ranges. The series too is designed with a fast focus ocular system to enable high speed target alignment.

For those who are determined to consistently shoot with the highest level of accuracy, BSA Optics presents the Stealth Tactical series, which is marketed via its industry-first turret push/pull system— arguably the best device for effortless and speedy scoping and target alignment. Like other BSA Scopes series, the Stealth Tactical line is equipped with the company’s extreme climate protection system.

Last but certainly not the least is the company’s Tactical Weapon series, which promises to handle the most challenging tasks in the most difficult hunting environment. The series is programmed with one piece tube design, ergonomic push and pull locking turrets, and a fast focus ocular system.

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